Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Hidden Mold in Toledo Ohio

Mold loves dark damp places and walls covered in wall paper can make a great breeding ground for Mold. Here the Wall paper was removed and Mold was professionally remediated by SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo. 

Moldy Basement

Sometimes customers do not realize that mold is growing in their basement behind totes of holiday decor and the usual things we may store in basements until they have a water damage. This customer in Oregon Ohio was shocked to see what was growing. He was happy He had Called SERVPRO of Sylvania/West Toledo to take care of things.

Mold on contents in Sylvania Ohio

Sometimes we run into jobs where the mold is not just on the structure. Mold can grow in many places as well as your contents; As long as the conditions are right to support mold growth. 

What's behind your walls?

This job started out as a simple dishwasher leak. We removed the flooring in order to dryout the subfloor. In this case the cabinets are on top of the flooring that needs to be removed. Once we removed the cabinets the technician noticed the drywall. This customer had no idea she had this problem going on in her kitchen.

Mold Remediation in Maumee, Ohio

Setting up a containment is a very important step when doing a Mold remediation job. Another important step is to place an air scrubber in the containment to help capture any mold spores in the air.

Damp and Dark = Mold

We were called out to a water damage originally, but this damage turned into a mold remediation job. The customer heard water running in the basement and discovered a broken pipe. He had the pipe repaired and then called us to come out and dry out his basement. Unfortunately his basement had been damp for quite sometime. we were able to dry him out re-mediate the mold and make his home a healthy living environment once again.